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Amazon Kiosk

A kiosk design with the user to exchange their second-hand goods.


Project discription about Amazon lockers( kiosk )

Amazon Lockers has partnered with Craiglist to develop a service that will help people sell their unwanted electronic possessions using a new type of interactive kiosk. Their vision is to help reduce e-waste by making it easier and safer to sell used electronics. The longer-term goal is to install a network of these kiosks around the country. The first step is to design a prototype unit for testing in a shopping mall, so buyers and sellers can interact with the kiosk.


User & Project researching

Catagory survey Diagram

Frame 5021.png

User Flow

Frame 5020.png

Simple flow charts are useful to plan how your product’s information architecture will support the tasks that were defined during the User Stories stage.

Frame 5022 (1).png


       “The internet has opened up a world full of possibilities for my passion for travel.”


     The Internet brings infinite possibilities, which is truly fascinating. ”


       “It is very important for me to have fresh, tasty products at hand.”

Emily LILI


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Frame 29.png
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Frame 29.png
Frame 30.png


UI design in prototype

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