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Modeling a System with

image 1.png


The name of this system is Ebay. In my opinion, there are three most important elements, Goods, buyers, and sellers. Most of the consumption in this system comes from these three elements, followed by transportation and a third party (eBay employee). The purpose of this system is to help the seller or buyer to complete the transaction smoothly. At the same time, this system is designed, which have a complete loop link.


For the ebay, what an online commercial shopping platform that provides users with second-hand transactions and auctions. It has two main user groups: customer and seller. This is a service platform on the supply side, which obtains profits by serving merchants to list various products and helping users to find demand goods.


Behavior over time diagram

Frame 88.png

For my project on eBay, the target audience for my behavior over time graph is buyers. I want to show them that although the prices of modern items in secondary transactions will change rapidly over time, overall, they will gradually decrease in value over time.

Stock & Flow map


For my project on eBay, I would like my stock & flow map to show the seller that avoiding waiting for the buyer's time is important for the buyer's purchasing desire.

Connection Circle diagram


For my project on eBay, the audience in my concept circle is sellers, and I would like to explain to them how to set a reasonable price on auction and normal selling on eBay

Causal Loop diagram


For my project on eBay, the audience for my Causal loop diagram is buyers. I want to prove to them how eBay protects the consumer rights of buyers

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